New From Dawn Sister

New from Dawn Sister

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When professional gardener, Liam Walton, falls and hits his head on his way home from work one cold and frosty winter’s night, he is rescued by a beautiful yet mysterious young man with white hair, icy blue eyes and very cold hands.

This story contains scenes of an adult nature involving physical intimacy between two men. There is also an awful lot of weather, a pretty white fox, a vicar that tells ghost stories and some very dangerous behaviour on a frozen lake (do not try this at home).

A Frosty Tail is available from Smashwords , Amazon and from Electropuppy (stop me and buy one)

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Niall doesn’t speak to his neighbours.  He doesn’t speak to anyone.  Avoiding conversation is easier than the pity and impatience he senses from everyone the moment he opens his mouth and nothing comes out.  Since he split up with his partner years before, he hasn’t had much to do with anyone and that has suited him just fine.  He has his dog, Zen, for company.  Zen doesn’t care that Niall can’t get through an entire sentence without stuttering.  Zen is all Niall needs.  And that’s how it would have stayed until the day a new neighbour moves in next door.

Zak is Niall’s exact opposite, twenty three years Niall’s junior, bubbly, gregarious and never shuts up.  His arrival fills Niall’s quiet life with constant noise and constant company.  Zen seems to have defected and Zak doesn’t seem to even notice that Niall rarely speaks. Gradually Zak’s endless patience brings Niall out of his shell.  To Niall’s surprise, he suddenly has a friend, a confidant and perhaps something more, and he didn’t even have to say a word.

Not a Word is available from Beaten Track, Smashwords and Amazon and Electropuppy (Stop me and buy one).



Kit is a bit socially awkward. In fact, the rules of social encounters are mostly a bit of a mystery to him, but he gets by, with lots of lists and contingency plans. He doesn’t have any plans in place for when he first meets Stephan, however, and he keeps bumping into the man in the most embarrassing situations. The trouble is, Stephan keeps turning up in unexpected places, arousing suspicion that this gorgeous man might just have some contingency plans of his own where Kit is concerned.

Part of Seasons of Love Anthology.


Genre: LGBT romance, humour

Keywords: gay, autistic MC, humour, dogs with jobs, love, romance, humour

Available from Beaten Track Publishing, Amazon, and Electropuppy (Stop me and buy one).

Seasons cover2

Seasons of Love Anthology


Love follows no rules. Like sun in winter and rain in summer, love can blossom in the most unexpected places. This richly diverse collection of stories proves that love is as universal and as varied as the seasons.

The Stories

Tourist Season – Deven Balsam


Sometimes the darkness becomes too familiar. Sometimes, love lights the way out.

One of Zeus’s own children has a favorite office, hidden deep beneath the streets of Asheville, NC. Hades’ existence, while satisfying, is due for a surprise when his path converges with that of Korey, a gifted art student.



Machete Betty and the Office Sharks – Neptune Flowers


Tim is in the A team, professionally trained to investigate allegations of the potential mass hypnosis of the nation… But Tim is bored and horny. Who wouldn’t be? The office is full of idiots, and summer just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Reality starts to blur, screensavers come to life, and before he can say jiggyjig, he finds himself cavorting with a chain-smoking foul-mouthed merman.

Tim’s training is forgotten as he becomes immersed in fishy hedonism and office shenanigans. Can he save the day? Or will the team be forever lost in shameful acts of bouncybounce?

Find out in this tail of office boredom and surreal fun.

Warning! This story does not reflect realistic relationships with mermen or sharks.



Once Around Seven – Ofelia Gränd

Once AroundSeven

Oswald Sattle is out of money and out of options. After more than eight months of sleeping in his car, when an acquaintance from his past offers him a job opportunity in the middle of nowhere, he can’t turn it down. No matter how much he’d like to.

Joshua Roth moved to Nortown four years ago, and he has everything he needs—a job, friends, peace and quiet. He’s not interested in a relationship, or anything else that would upset the life he’s built for himself.

But sometimes fate has other plans, and a single glimpse can completely change the course of a life.

In a small town, where everyone knows everyone else’s business, reaching for what you want can feel like a risk. But some risks are worth taking.


Winter Blossoms – Paul Iasevoli

Winter Blossoms

Chris, a naïve twenty-four-year-old, breaks up with the first man he’s ever lived with. In the months that follow, he travels from Queens to The Hamptons, Manhattan to Brooklyn to find love. In the process, he discovers more about himself and realizes the man he hoped to meet has been in front of him the entire time.

Winter Blossoms will take you on a ride through the streets and subways of New York City. Every stop along the way highlights the 1980s’ vibrant, gay nightlife. Part nostalgic romp, part coming-of-age story, Winter Blossoms will delight the reader as it comes into full bloom.



Year of the Guilty Soul – A.M. Leibowitz


Antonia Moskowitz is caught in the middle, always having to pick a side. Whether it’s between her family’s two religions or in her relationships, she has choices to make. But learning who she is has a price, and every decision has consequences. Sometimes it’s hard to choose between being good and being right. Four seasons. Four kisses. One year to figure out what her heart wants.



The Great Village Bun Fight – Debbie McGowan

The Great village Bun fight

All’s fair in love and war. But not in baking.


Out of Season – Bob Stone


It’s the old, old story. Demon meets girl, demon falls for girl, demon creates a perfect summer’s day in the middle of winter. What could possibly go wrong?



Seashell Voices – Alexis Woods

Seashell voices

Once upon a time, a merboy spied a human child. The merboy, who longed to walk the sandy shore, spent his days watching the human boy grow to become a man who loved the sea. A man he’s admired from afar. The one he wishes he could be.

But how can a merman express his greatest wish when he has no voice with which to speak?



Courting Light – A. Zukowski

Courting Light

Our days were numbered but precious.

Courting Light is the story of Josie, an eighteen-year-old about to leave home to start university in London. She volunteers at a summer camp for disabled children. When Josie is paired with the autistic teenager Lucian, she faces intense experiences that are truly eye-opening. To her surprise, Lucian is not the only one who captures her attention. Over the weeks, Josie develops powerful desires evoked by the camp’s enigmatic young leader with a shaved head and tattoo on her skull.