A Remembrance Snippet


A Personal Thank You

It is Remembrance Sunday tomorrow, being the closest Sunday to 11th November, Armistice Day.  I believe this day is known as Veterans Day in other parts of the world.

Below are the pictures of two young men, who, if it weren’t for their bravery and their dedication and commitment, I would not be living the life I live right now.

george-greenacre-large             fred-greenacre-corrected-large

George Greenacre                                    Fred Greenacre

In 1915, George Greenacre and his brother, Fred, began the 1st Chirton Scout Group which ultimately became the 3rd Tynemouth Scout Group.  The group celebrated its centenary last year and has now enjoyed 101 years of continued Scouting.  My husband is a member of this Scout group and has been since he was eight years old.  I would probably never have met him, if these two young men had not had the foresight to form this group all those years ago.

Fred Greenacre served in the First World War and unfortunately, died in 1918 after being captured.

George was an air raid warden during the Second World War and died in 1941 after a stray bomb hit the entrance to the air raid shelter where he had been on duty.

Both men showed continued commitment to the Scout troop they had formed despite their other duties.  Fred, Assistant Scout Master, kept in touch whilst he was serving in the war and George served as Scout Master and District Scout Master up until his death.

Last year our Scout Group made a special pilgrimage to visit Fred Greenacre’s grave in France.  We held a service of thanks and remembrance there, which was quite poignant, because, as I say, my life might have turned out very differently if it had not been for this man and his brother.

Below is a picture of the group that made this special pilgrimage.  Amongst them are several families, including my own, that would most likely have never existed if it weren’t for this group, or the dedication of its original leaders.


As I sit here watching the Service of Remembrance at the Albert Hall, with the falling poppy petals to represent those who died in war, I am reminded to be thankful for all of the men and women who gave their lives so that we can live the way we do today.  I am especially thankful for the Greenacres’ sacrifice.

“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13.

If anyone wishes to learn more about the Greenacres and their history click here.

I will post my Rainbow Snippet tomorrow.



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