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My free story: Eagle Man and Mister Hawk, was originally written for Goodreads Don’t Read in the Closet event: Love’s Landscapes.  It has had a revamp and is now available for free via Beaten Track Publishing.

It will also be available in print (for a charge).  I will share the download links at the bottom of this page.

I want to tell you a little more about the characters, but before I do, here is the blurb:

Ethan isn’t good at first impressions. His job often gets in the way. It’s his dream job, one which suits Ethan’s big heart to a tee. His chosen career isn’t conducive to forming meaningful relationships, however, and it hasn’t really bothered him until now.

Then Alex appears on the scene… Bookish, shy, but gorgeous Alex, who might be put off by bad first impressions, and who Ethan thinks is quite possibly the most beautiful man he’s ever set eyes on.

Alex’s first impression of Ethan is not a particularly good one. In fact, he thinks the man is a raving lunatic, and their second and third encounter does nothing to change his opinion.

Ethan has his work cut out for him, if he is to pursue any kind of meaningful relationship with the irresistible Alex.

 Now Meet the Characters 

There are two main characters in Eagle Man and Mr Hawk: Ethan and Alex and the story is told from both their points of view.

I’ll tell you about Ethan and Alex tomorrow, but first I want to talk about the countryside where Eagle Man and Mr Hawk is set, because the North Northumberland landscape has a character all of its own.


The summit of Yeavering Bell, Northumberland.

Pictures play a big part in helping to write a story.  I found I didn’t have to look very far from home to find inspiration for the location of Eagle Man and Mister Hawk.

Northumberland is as wild and remote as it is beautiful, and you don’t have to drive very far from the city before you are literally in the middle of nowhere.  An hour’s drive from my house and I can be standing in a place that feels so remote the only sounds that can be heard are the birds and animals.

Northumberland boasts some of the darkest skies in Europe for star gazing.  It is a place to sit and let the peace and quiet wash over you as you ponder the wonders of the universe.  Sometimes, it is so peaceful, you can even hear the grass growing.

It sounds idyllic, but as beautiful as this landscape can be it can also be bleak and unforgiving.  Snow, rain and sleet, wind and fog all contribute to this wonderful, unique but sometimes dangerous land.  Having experienced all of those weathers whilst camping, all in one day, I can tell you it is no picnic living there.  However the good days, when the weather is behaving and the sun paints everything in HD brilliance, make enduring the terrible weather worthwhile.


Northumbrian Weather.  Sometimes four seasons in one day.

You may have seen this photo posted about my blog.  It’s a farmhouse situated in the Cheviot Hills in the depths of Northumberland.  This is my inspiration for Ethan’s farm.


And here is the inspiration for the town that Ethan and Alex visit on a few occasions in the story.


Wooler Front Street, Northumberland

Eagle Man and Mr Hawk will be available for download from Beaten Track Publishing from 20th October.  Follow this link.  All formats are available via the site.

You can also get the ebook via Amazon UK, Amazon.com, Smashwords and All Romance ebooks.

For more information about visiting Northumberland click here.

Visit my blog tomorrow for an insight into the two main human characters in this story.


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