Love Matters

Yes, love matters so much, but we have unfortunately found out that it does not matter as much to some as it does to others.

For whatever reason a tortured soul decided to take up an assault grade weapon and shoot through a nightclub in Orlando on Saturday night, it was not in the name of love.  We can debate the reasons, but we will never really know what went through this individual’s head.  We just know the devastation he left behind.  Most of us will never fully understand that either, although we can try to empathise.

There have been some ugly voices out there, condemning the victims and survivors instead of mourning and supporting them.  Shame on them.  We should not give their hate air time or even a second thought.

Mostly people want to help, and in anyway they can.  Some have given money, some have given something far more precious: blood.  Some, like the emergency services have given their time and energy.  Many are praying, and whether or not you believe in the power of prayer, hopefully it is a small comfort for the victims to know that they are in many people’s thoughts right now.

As individuals, we do not always have great resources to hand, but we use what we have to help how we can.  We rally together.

The LGBTQ+ community has been rocked and shocked by this horrible act of atrocity. There is a GoFund page if anyone wishes to donate directly to aid the victims and survivors of this terrible event there is a link at the bottom of this page.

Many LGBTQ+ authors are also doing what they can to help.

Jay Northcote has released a book in order to raise funds for two charities that support the LGBTQ+ community.  The story is called “Why Love Matters”.  All royalties from sales of this story will be split equally between two LGBT charities: The Human Rights Campaign in the USA and Stonewall in the UK The buy links are below.

First let me share the cover and blurb with you.

Why Love Matters

By Jay Northcote


Cover design: Garrett Leigh

Alastair needs help overcoming issues with touch and physical intimacy in order to clinch a business deal with some demonstrative Italians who prefer hugging to handshakes.

Martin, his assistant, has the perfect solution. His mother runs cuddle workshops, which could help Alastair overcome his fears—if he’s brave enough to try. Alastair is nervous not only because of the workshop, but also because he will be sharing a room with Martin, who’s starred in his fantasies more often than an assistant should.

Alastair reluctantly decides to give it a try, so they head to a commune in Wales where Martin grew up. The weekend at the commune with Martin proves to be transformative in more ways than one.

Buy Links:  All Romance Books

Go Fund Page for the victims of the Pulse attack.




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