Rainbow Snippets 06/04



I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks.  Something happened in our family that threw us all for six, even though it was something that we were expecting.  My mum lost her long fought battle with Motor Neurones Disease.

My mum made me the overly practical and utterly ridiculous person that I am.  She had a wonderful sense of fun and was never happier than when she was making other people happy. She will be sorely missed by everyone who knew her.  There were so many people in attendance at her funeral they had to open the doors of the chapel and relay the service outside.  The infamous British weather behaved itself.  My dad made a lovely eulogy and I sang and played guitar.  Don’t even ask me how I did it, because I can’t even speak without bursting into tears at the minute.

There’s a picture that captures the fun we always had together at the bottom of this post.

My snippet this week needs to be light and cheerful.  I hope I’ve achieved that.

The snippet is from my current WIP, working title “Genie”. Jayce is relaxing in a well earned, hot bath.  It’s goodness knows how long since he last did something this relaxing and he’d been looking forward to the peace and quiet.  However, being the owner of a genie does not go well with “peace and quiet” and it isn’t long before the peace of his bath is shattered.

“Why don’t you want me in the bath, with you?” Tobrin asked, close to his ear.

Jayce yelled out in fright as the water displaced and Tobrin’s warm, lithe body pressed up against his back in the tub.

“By the bloody gods, Tobrin. What the hell are you playing at?” Jayce squeaked, scrambling around in the great wooden tub so he was facing the genie. “I’m naked.” He protested.

“So am I.” Tobrin frowned, tipping his head to one side as if he really couldn’t understand Jayce’s problem.  “I brought you some soap and a wash cloth.  There’s a scrubbing brush, if you prefer me to scrub your back.  Turn around though, I can’t reach if you’re facing me.  Or would you like me to wash your chest first?” He tipped his head to the other side, his eyes wandering down over Jayce’s submersed body.

The offer sounded innocent enough except for the fact that Tobrin’s tongue was now pressed against the front of his teeth, a wicked twinkle in his violet eyes.  They were naked together in a bath.  How could that ever be construed as innocent?

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Me and My Mum




20 responses to “Rainbow Snippets 06/04

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your mum. I’m glad you have lovely pictures like the one shown, and memories of her.

    As for the snippet – I love Tobrin, he sounds so mischievous.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. {{{hugs}}} My sympathies — unless you’re like me and people saying things like that just make you cry more.

    Fun snippet. (My mother’s keeshond once joined her in the bathtub — she wasn’t amused either.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. Crying is sometimes a good thing.
      I can’t help laughing at your comparing Tobrin with a pet. I’m sure he would be most offended. I can just imagine his reaction.
      And, gosh, I’ve just looked at images of Keeshonds. I’d be pretty annoyed if one of those jumped into the bath with me too. Lol.


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