Rainbow Snippets 05/08

Rainbow heart


Gosh I can’t believe it is May already and time for another Rainbow Snippet.

We are having crazy weather over here right now. Last weekend my hubby’s Scout group had to relocate an outdoor camp to indoors due to an inch of snow and blizzard conditions. Exactly a week later my daughter had a day off school and we spent it at the beach where she swam in the sea.  It is the North Sea, never one to be swimming in even in the height of summer, but Thursday was so warm and sunny she couldn’t resist.

Happy Mother’s Day to those of you celebrating it today.  In the UK we have Mothering Sunday earlier in the year, as part of our build up to Easter.

Rainbow Snippets is a facebook group where writers, bloggers and readers can share up to six sentences of a WIP with an LGBTQ+ theme.  Here is another snippet from from my WIP, Genie:

The next morning Jayce woke with a shiver, as if his blankets had been suddenly pulled away from his back to let in the cool pre-dawn air.  He felt around behind him in order to pull the blankets back but they were already there, as if they’d never moved.

He shivered again and sat up.  His first action as always, was to check Tobrin’s bottle.  He’d slept with it clutched in his hand.  The phial was warm.  Had Tobrin been in there all night, or had he just relocated moments before Jayce had woken?

“Tobe, it’s morning, we should get ready to leave.”

 He knew time passed differently for Tobrin when he was inside his tiny prison.  He wouldn’t necessarily know it was time to get up if he’d been there all night.  Jayce had his suspicions about the sleeping arrangements as he rubbed his shoulder that was mysteriously no longer aching.

To find out what snippets other members of the group are sharing this week click here. Enjoy what’s left of your weekend, folks.




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