Rainbow Snippets 04/16

Is it Rainbow Snippet time already?  This week has flown by.

We marked a milestone in our family this week.  We became the proud parents of a teenager.  We’ve been proud parents throughout, but now we start the teen years and we also discovered one of the reasons teenagers sleep so much.  Teenage child grew an inch in two weeks.  If you listen carefully you can hear the creaking of teenage bones as they stretch.

Rainbow Snippets is a place to share up to six sentences with an LGBTQ+ theme.  Here are my six, with a rainbow theme this week.  It’s from my WIP with the working title “Genie”.  I suppose the clue to the subject is in the title.  Tobrin is a genie, and Jayce, his somewhat reluctant and often bemused owner.

“I was just wondering how much taller your ugly friend expected you to be.” Tobrin mused, his smirk impish. “Since you’re already tall enough to have your own weather system.”

Jayce snorted, then nudged Tobrin. “Go, quick, before Jag returns and sees you here.” He glanced down at Tobrin’s bright clothes, which were, as ever, an assault on the senses. “You look like a rainbow had a fight with a carnival.”

Tobrin gasped, looking down at his clothes then glaring at him before vanishing as abruptly as he’d appeared. “There’s no need to be rude.”

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To read a longer excerpt from “Genie” click here

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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7 responses to “Rainbow Snippets 04/16

  1. Hahaha! I love the witty banter here. 😀

    You’re only a few months ahead of us with having a teenager—mine hits the milestone this summer. They do grow like weeds at this age. We’ve bought pants 3 times since September! He’s taller than I am now.

    • I feel your pain. My teen is now the same shoe size as me. He wears my shoes, which in one way makes me feel like I’ve succeeded in bringing him up gender blind when it comes to clothes and colours, but on the other hand it means I’ve lost my bright pink, glittery Crocs because he’s claimed them as his own.

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