Story Telling Time

I like sharing.  I’m a sharey person.  I enjoy sharing short, six sentence snippets every week as part of the Facebook Rainbow Snippets Group.

However, I would like to share longer excerpts.  I started my writing journey on a site called Fictionpress.  It is somewhere you can share your writing chapter by chapter and get feedback, almost immediately.  Some of it is simply a thumbs up and a boost to confidence, sometimes there are longer reviews with helpful hints.  It’s like having a load of beta readers at your fingertips.  I met some of the people whose opinions I value greatly to this day, on that site.

So, this month, I am taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo.  I’ve pledged to write 50,000 words in a month and hopefully get a WIP finished that I’ve been working on for some time.

This has a working title “Genie” for want of a better one and, as you’ve probably guessed, it is about a genie.  His name is Tobrin, and I’d like to share the first moment he and his new owner, Jayce, meet face to face.

“So am I going to get a look at you, or have I been looking at you all this time and you actually are just a talking bottle?” Jayce asked as he turned to begin unbuckling the strap of his saddle.  His horse suddenly gave a startled jerk and a wild-eyed whinny.

“A talking bottle indeed!”

Jayce swung around at the sound of a real voice and not a disembodied one.  He leaned back against his horse, breathing heavily and clutching his chest in shock.  Before him, perched precariously on the low wall of the stable stall sat a striking young man in a bright purple, silk shirt and deep orange satin slacks.  His feet were bare, his toes long and elegant.  His arms were folded across his chest and his gaudy shirt was open at the neck to reveal a thin leather necklace holding a green crystal jewel of a similar shade to the bottle.

Jayce’s senses were bombarded with colour, but despite the young man’s garish clothing, by far his most striking feature was his hair: it was blue, bright blue, and wild, falling in untamed zigzags about his face and neck.  His eyes had an angular cast to them, and everything about this creature seemed sharp, edgy and exotic.

Jayce stared, knowing he was staring, but just not able to help himself.  The multi-coloured apparition stared back.

“What’s th’matter, cat got your tongue?” Tobrin’s eyes sparkled, adding to the colour bombardment.

Jayce had never seen such a shade of blue.  They were a deep rich violet, almost as purple as his shirt.  Jayce shook his head at the sheer impishness in Tobrin’s expression, it annoyed and delighted him in equal measure.  He didn’t think he’d ever seen anything quite so beautiful in his entire life but the genie was too cocky for his own good.  Jayce turned away with a soft smirk.

“Well you’d certainly brighten up a wet weekend.” He mused calmly as he returned to unfastening his saddle, acting for all as if he met gaudily dressed genies every day.

He heard a soft, frustrated huff from behind him and allowed himself a smug smile.  Tobrin’s appearance had obviously been manufactured for maximum impact.  Everything about him screamed “look at me!” Jayce wondered if Genies could change the way they looked at will or if they had to wait to be told.

“I can wear what the hell I want, thank you very much.” A very snippy Tobrin called out in reply to Jayce’s thoughts.  Jayce grimaced, he’d forgotten the link he seemed to have with this creature’s mind. “I am not a creature, I’m as human as you are, and my fashion sense is my own.”

Jayce couldn’t help laughing at the statement.

“Not entirely sure what to make of that admission, really, Tobrin.”

“You can talk.” Tobrin’s retort was followed by an exclamation of disgust.

Jayce turned back to face the genie, and gasped when he found Tobrin standing only inches from him.  He hadn’t even heard the man move.  Tobrin had screwed up his nose as he took a tentative sniff in Jayce’s direction.

“Problem?” Jayce arched an eyebrow, feeling self-conscious because he knew he did not smell overly pleasant but also feeling a little annoyed because he didn’t need that pointing out by a cocky, overdressed peacock of a genie.

“You stink.” Tobrin observed, giving a not very subtle grunt of distaste. “My previous masters were much better at—bathing.”

“Sorry to disappoint.” Jayce huffed.  He glanced up and down Tobrin’s attire.  He’d changed.

He was no longer wearing such gaudy colours, although he’d kept the purple shirt.  The rest had been swapped for more muted tones along with a sleeveless leather waistcoat that hung to his mid-thigh.  The hair, still blue, did not seem to radiate with light as it had.

“Nice!” Jayce commented, feeling his lips twitch when he saw Tobrin visibly sizzle at his understatement.

“Nice? Just nice?” he spat, then turned with a huff. “Maybe you’d prefer to carry on talking to a disembodied voice in a glass bottle.” Tobrin moved his hand, gave a flick of his wrist and was gone.

“That went well!” Jayce commented casually to his horse who snickered its lips at him in reply.

“Your horse says you’re an arse.”

 “Tell him thanks for pointing out the obvious.”

Hope you enjoyed that.  I’ll share another longer snippet later in the week.

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Bye for now.


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