Rainbow Snippets

Rainbow Snippets: post six sentences from your WIP, something already published or a book recommendation.

Sounds like fun.  So here goes:

Here is something I’ve just written today, so it’s even fresh in my head.

Rainbow snippet from WIP (working title) “The Angel and the Magpie”

Toby is trying to explain something to his house mate Raphael.  Raphael, however, does not believe a word he is saying.

“I know it sounds unlikely…” Toby began, but he was cut off again.

“Unlikely?” Raphael blurted out, standing again and running his hand through his hair as he did. “Jesus, Toby, it couldn’t sound more unlikely if it had been written in a trashy fantasy novel.  It’s so fucking unlikely it’s ludicrous.”

Toby flinched.  Raphael never swore.  His breath quickened and his blood pounded in his ears, and not in a good way, not the way it did when Raphael smiled at him, or touched his hand, or wrapped his arm around his shoulder and pulled him close.

To read more Rainbow Snippets from other fantastic authors and bloggers click here.  A shout out to Charley Descoteaux for adding me to this fab group.

To find out about any of my already published works, some of which are free.  See the links above.



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