Meet the Characters 8

My new book Locked in the Moment is about to be released.

Over the last week I’ve introduced you to the characters in this book and shared some excerpts.  I have one more thing to talk about today.  A rather special “Character” that has put in an appearance on each of my blogs and takes up rather a lot of space on the front cover of the book.

When I first began writing Locked in the Moment I researched love-locks and even visited a bridge near my home where some love-locks had been placed.  I discovered you could even get special ones engraved.  I couldn’t write a story about love-locks without having one made for my two characters.  So here it is, the final character, and possibly the most important in this story:

The Lock

Love lock cover download    Sol and Lucien's lock

The photos were taken by a good friend of mine, Russell, who agreed to go with me to place this lock on an actual love-lock bridge and photograph it in situ.  This was not the bridge in Paris, unfortunately, but all the locks surrounding Sol and Lucien’s lock are genuine love-locks.  You can even see one with a hotel key tag.  Form your own conclusions over that one!

This bridge may not be in such a romantic position as Pont des Arts in Paris, but it is a very busy thoroughfare.  It also has a tenuous connection with Pont des Arts since there is a news article about both bridges that I shared in a previous post. Click here to read it again.

My friend decided to have some fun as people walked past trying not to be nosey and not succeeding.  Some of the comments he made as we placed the lock in different locations on the bridge were a little close to the knuckle. He never did know how to spare anyone’s embarrassment.  So here is a snap of him snapping the locks. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled that I’m sharing this.

Russ photographing locks

Give Away

I’d like to do a give-away thingy-ma-bob now.  I have a question to ask.  It’s not a quiz. There are no wrong answers.  I have a free copy of Locked in the Moment to give away to the person whose answer captures my imagination.

I now find myself with a quite lovely, quite unique love-lock, belonging to my two lovely characters.  If you and your significant other had a love-lock where would you place it? I’d like to place Sol and Lucien’s lock somewhere special.  Perhaps your suggestions will help me decide, and you may get a free book just ahead of release day.

For a chance to win go over to my facebook page and leave a comment on the pinned post. The winner will be announced at midnight on Saturday.

Also, check out the blog tour dates below to find out more about the stories and authors in this awesome anthology.

Sol and Lucien's lock resized

Locked in the Moment and all the other stories in the Love Unlocked Anthology are available for pre-order at Beaten Track Publishing  and will be released on 14th February.

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