Meet the Characters 4

This week I’ve been telling you about the characters in my new story Locked in the Moment, released on 14th February as part of the Love Unlocked Anthology by Beaten Track Publishing.

Incidental characters in Locked in the Moment, are few and far between.  The story focuses entirely on Sol and Lucien.  It is told from Sol’s point of view, and takes place over a very short period of time.  There isn’t much opportunity to meet many others in detail.

One character we do meet is known only as Madame Queen.

Madame Queen is the Queen of all the Fairy Folk, so that includes Sol, since trolls are classed as fairy folk in many myths and legends.  Sol does reluctantly acknowledge this but he doesn’t exactly like the idea.

Madame Queen does a few things that Sol does not agree with, but she also has her own agenda when it comes to protecting those she cares about.  She and Sol may not like each other very much but there is one subject they do agree on and that is what is best for Lucien.

Sol and Lucien's lock resized


The Love Unlocked Anthology consists of seven stories and I’d like to share another of those with you now.

The Scarlet Lock by Caraway Carter


Brandon Marshall, in Paris for his twin sister’s wedding, has a fling before the big day. At the end of a whirlwind week of discovering each other, Brandon and his lover place a scarlet lock on the Love Lock Bridge.

Follow Brandon through six years of letters – to the citizens of Paris, on everything from how to make love, to eating passionate fruit – and to the lover, who is now his brother-in-law.

The locks are being removed, the bridge refitted… What will be the fate of The Scarlet Lock?

Find out more about Caraway Carter here.

The Scarlet Lock and Locked in the Moment are available for pre-order and are released, along with the other stories from the Love Unlocked anthology, by Beaten Track Publishing on 14th February.


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