Meet The Characters 2

Yesterday I told you about Sol.

Locked in the Moment is told entirely from his point of view and through his eyes (troll and otherwise) we meet Lucien.

Lucien is a fairy.  He is slight, slim, blue-eyed, and possess a shock of auburn curls that flow in waves down his back and over his shoulders.

He is almost the exact opposite to Sol in temperament.  He’s cheerful and bright, gregarious and popular.  He’s also very brave and fiercely loyal.

At first Sol cannot understand why Lucien even wants to look at him let alone talk to him, but Lucien seems to have his own ideas about whether or not they should be friends.  He offers Sol some strawberry ice cream the first time they meet face to face.

Sol begins the story thinking Lucien is an interfering nuisance, just like all the other fairy bureaucrats that administer and protect the city that surrounds his bridge.  In Sol’s own words Lucien is fluffy, glittery and too bloody cheerful.

It doesn’t take long for Sol to realise Lucien is different from the other fairies.  Despite his delicate looks and equally delicate accent he has steal in his soul and will do anything to help Sol with a problem that could cost the troll his home and Lucien his status as a fairy.

Sol and Lucien's lock resized

If anyone would like to see the visual inspirations I used for Lucien or for Sol click here to visit my pintrest page.  The link is also available above.

Tomorrow I will tell you about another aspect of this story.  Something that has character without being a character, if you get my meaning.

Now however, I would like to tell you about one of the other six stories that are included in the Love Unlocked Anthology.


Writer’s Lock by Victoria Milne


Spending a month in Paris to write his romance novel had seemed like the perfect plan, but one week in, Phil Pearson is suffering from a severe case of writer’s block. With barely a word written, he’s fed up and ready to cut his trip short.

When Laurent Marceau sees Phil in his café, it sends him hurtling into the past, opening old wounds and reminding him of the love he lost. But, after watching the aspiring writer struggle for inspiration, he surprises himself by offering to show him Paris through the eyes of a true Parisian.

Finally bursting with ideas, Phil is delighted to put pen to paper, albeit badly at first. As the writer finds himself falling in love for the first time, Laurent knows he needs to decide quickly if he’s strong enough to return his affections, or whether it would be better for them both if he walked away. He knows he may not have a choice, once Phil finds out the truth.

You will find links to Victoria’s other books here.

Writer’s Lock and Locked in the Moment are released as part of the Love Unlocked Anthology on 14th February and are available for pre-order, individually and in the anthology, from Beaten Track Publishing

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