Meet The Characters

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Locked in the Moment is my new novella released on February 14th by Beaten Track Publishing as part of the Love Unlocked Anthology.

I thought I’d introduce you to the two characters in this story.

First, I’d like you to meet Sol.

Sol is a troll.  No, not one of those nasty pasties that post hateful comments on your facebook posts.  He’s a bona fide, real live troll.  He even lives underneath a bridge.

Sol is seven foot tall, covered in thick black hair, with a jutting out lower jaw, a killer mono-brow and arms long enough to drag along the ground when he stands to his full height.  Unfortunately he’s not in the habit of having his picture taken.  (a) because he has been in hibernation since long before cameras were invented, and (b) because you could ask him to pose for a selfie but the look he’d give you would be enough to sour the milk in your latte.

Yes, not only is Sol a troll, he is also grumpy as hell.  He prefers his own company and doesn’t talk to anyone if he can help it.  He hides beneath his bridge, mostly in hibernation, coming out only very occasionally.

Sleeping is becoming increasingly difficult though, because the humans that live in the city that surrounds Sol’s bridge have decided it’s a great place to hang padlocks of all things.

What’s a troll to do?  The noise of all those clanging locks is driving him mad.  He’s determined to do something about it but there’s this one small problem, in the form of a fairy who’s determined to get in his way.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about that darned fairy.

Locked in the Moment and Love Unlocked Anthology is available for pre-order at Beaten Track Publishing 

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