My review of “Innocence” by Suki Fleet.


This story gets five stars wherever I can possibly give them.

When you read a story written by Suki Fleet you can be sure of one thing: Your heart will be torn from your chest, into thousands of pieces, put back together and replaced then torn out again.

That is the only way to describe what her writing does to me.

Every time, she manages to create characters so real to me I can almost taste them. I go to sleep and dream about them. Mostly to give them happy endings because the lives she gives them and the situations she puts them in are never a bed of roses.

Innocence is just another fine example of her unending talent. She gives us characters so full of colour and depth and we don’t even see how they are created for us. With the clever use of a few choice words and sometimes in just one sentence the character comes to life on the page and we care about them. We care about their life; cry about their past; worry for their future.

And it’s not just the main characters that get this treatment. Suki creates a wealth of secondary characters that surround her MCs that fire our imagination and make us crave to hear their story as well.

Then there’s the way she creates the mood, describes the weather so clearly and so concisely. We hear the rain falling on the river. We see the sunshine beating down. We feel the heat or the biting cold.

Basically, reading a Suki Fleet story is like a sensory overload and Innocence is no different. This story takes us on a young man’s journey from innocent youth to adult and shows us all his mistakes, joys, anguish and utter confusion along the way. We see it all through his eyes and we are with him all the way. There is no pause for breath from the moment the story begins, in the moonlight, on the deck of a canal boat, to the final chapter on the streets of London. There is no break in the story, no pause for time to pass. Christopher and us are carried along on the journey, travelling inevitably towards the ending, or is it the beginning? You can never tell with Suki!

Read a Suki fleet novel will change the way you look at life. No other stories I’ve read have managed to do this so thoroughly.


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